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Upgrade Your
Human Operating System!

Unleash Your Potential!
Maximize Your Talents & Achieve Your Goals & Beyond

with Agnes Chau
Award-winning Transformational Life Coach,
PSYCH-K® Facilitator,
Leadership Consultant,
Certified Brain Health Professional,
Writer & Speaker

  • Break Free from the Limitations of Outdated Subconscious Programs

  • Discover the Power of Subconscious Transformation for an Internal Reboot

  • Optimize Your Brain Health for an Even More Enjoyable Life

  • Create Peace from Within and Align with Your Divine Path

Key highlights from Agnes' presentation on
Upgrading Your Human Operating System 

will be available soon.

Discover the Power of Subconscious Transformation

"Let go of stressors and triggers. Unleash your potential and maximize your talents to achieve your goals and beyond."

Image 1-10-24 at 3.09 PM.jpeg

Agnes at Amen Clinic

Here are the slides from Agnes' presentation at the Amen Clinic in North Scottsdale.


Experience a Transformation and Live an Even Better Life

Tap into heart, mind, and body intelligence

Agnes Chau LLC provides the strategies, tools, techniques for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Agnes helps you tap into your Divine Intelligence to overcome limiting beliefs, let go of drama stories, and be the best version of you.

Unleash Your Potential!

Sessions can be done in-person, via telephone, or Zoom.

Agnes Chau LLC specializes in transformation sessions. Agnes provides private consulting and coaching to executives, leaders, coaches, healers, and influencers. Agnes will equip you with the strategies, tools, techniques for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. In a private session, various modalities may be used to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Sign up for a transformation session or package with Agnes.

Teal Heart Breath™

The Teal Heart Breath™ taps into heart intelligence for transformation. Restoration of wellbeing is achieved with the support of Sun and Mother Earth energies.

Tong Ren.jpeg

Tong Ren

Tong Ren is a tapping method more powerful than acupuncture to remove energy blockages for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Agnes believes Tong Ren tapping addresses issues across all bodies


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