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Devy's PSYCH-K® testimonial

Devy Walker

Owner, ABOUT FACE Boutique

“Agnes has really helped me explore new ways to access health and wellness, both mentally and physically. It’s been amazing learning how frequencies affect sleep. Tapping can be healing and self-talk can limit your potential. I am so happy to have such a fabulous guide on this journey!”

Karunā Tyisha Simpson.jpeg

Karunā Tyisha Simpson

HoliSpace - Solar Visionary

"On a trip to Mt Shasta, Agnes facilitated the creation of Sacred Space, in a Starbucks parking lot! Using PSYCH-K® in partnership with me, she showed me how to move out of my own way and to the core of something that had been ailing me. For years, I would get hives from dog licks - welting fat irritating hives. That day I learned that that particular allergy was tied to a subconscious belief that I was ready to let go. I have not been affected by a dog allergy in months! This is just one of many facilitations Agnes has guided me through. She has a wealth of knowledge and many different modalities to support. Every session has been transformative.  Her work with the community and the Empowered Heart is something I also experienced and continue to experience. Agnes is truly a gift to humanity!"


Alisha Olson

Owner, Angel Athletica

“Agnes facilitated a PSYCH-K® balance to help me transform my limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs. Her patient approach, in combination with her heartfelt compassion, made my experience truly memorable. Agnes lovingly held space for me to see and step into my power, and I know she will do the same for anyone else fortunate enough to work with her.”

Tina Kramer.jpeg

Tina Kramer

Founder Simple Learning

"Agnes has empowered me in relation to health and wellness, both mentally and physically. She showed me how to be confident in who I am, to get out of my head, and to trust my heart as well. Breathing into my heart and simply listening have helped me make some challenging decisions.”

Victorria Lima - Skin and glow.jpeg

Victtoria Lima

Owner, Skincare and Glow

“Before my PSYCH-K® balance session with Agnes, I was experiencing feelings of anxiety, fear, and sadness that surfaced out of nowhere. During the session with a series of questions and guided by Agnes through the process, I started to feel a connection between both sides of my brain and became much calmer and at ease. At the end of my session any discomfort of pain or sadness from past memories that had surfaced, completely disappeared. I felt lightness and more at peace. It was truly a transformational experience.

Thank you Agnes for guiding me back to balance and ease." 

"Agnes Chau has the spiritual connection to assist those in need by providing solutions and direction to those who seek physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual healing. My personal contact with Ms. Chau has provided a variety of assistance that has created a positive effect on my life." 
Charles Jackson, Past President - Association for Entrepreneurship USA


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