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Free Your Mind & Body
with PSYCH-K® 

Agnes is trained in the PSYCH-K® Basic, Advanced, Health & Wellbeing, and Master Facilitator programs. She is featured in the directory of PSYCH-K® Preferred Facilitators: 

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PSYCH-K® Highlights

Your life is a reflection of your beliefs. Free your mind...and become a master of your beliefs rather than a victim of their consequences.

PSYCH-K® is a simple process that provides direct communication with your subconscious mind, providing a way to identify and change subconscious beliefs from limiting ones to enhancing ones. It allows us to create a partnership between our superconscious, conscious and subconscious. It gives clarity to the subconscious mind that controls up to 95% of the experiences we are creating in our life. Sometimes we may be unconsciously sabotaging even our best intentions (i.e. self-esteem, relationships, job performance, emotional and physical health). It's time to upgrade our human operating system and rewrite the "software" of the past to change the "printout" of the future in a user-friendly way.


Master Your Beliefs


Align the Subconscious with the Conscious Mind's Goals


Get to a Whole-Brain State

Free your mind


Upgrade Human Operating System


Around for over 35 years

Has positively impacted hundreds of thousands globally


Be the Creator of the Life You Want

​Balances offered:

  • Grief/Loss

  • Self-Esteem

  • Relationships

  • Spirituality

  • Personal Power

  • Prosperity

  • Core Beliefs

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Life Bonding

  • Alternative Life

  • Rapport (Verbal and Non-Verbal)

  • Brain Health Optimization

  • Transform Perception of Stressful/Traumatic Event


PSYCH-K® is an incredibly powerful and effective modality in transforming limiting subconscious beliefs (including perceptions of stressful or traumatic events) that could be related to a condition (physical, mental, emotional, financial). These beliefs are usually acquired in the early stages of life, and often persist into adulthood, below the level of conscious awareness. 

PSYCH-K® is not a substitute for professional medical treatment, rather it is often a complement to it. We do not diagnose or treat diseases.

PSYCH-K® can help change subconscious beliefs that may be influencing health and wellbeing (mental, physical, emotional). It offers the opportunity to change the beliefs, convictions, and perceptions we have about ourselves and the world. The subconscious mind controls the body systems (heartbeat, digestion, temperature, respiration...), and has so much influence in life, when we change perceptions and beliefs, it has a beneficial effect on life and how it unfolds. The Superconscious (Divine Self) provides permission to proceed with a PSYCH-K® whole brain balance (the method to create your own subconscious program). Sometimes a condition improves dramatically just by using PSYCH-K®! That's why I offer this service. 

PSYCH-K® is a spiritual process with psychological, and often physical benefits. It was designed to help free people's minds from the prison of limiting beliefs. The greatest gift of PSYCH-K® is the ability to change limiting beliefs that keep us from recognizing our Divinity, discovering our greatness, and becoming the peace we seek. A PSYCH-K® balance quickly helps one overcome limiting beliefs at the subconscious level to achieve your desired goals with the permission of the superconscious. Powerful balances can be requested: Core Beliefs, Relationships, Optimal Health and Wellbeing, Life Bonding, Alternative Life, Verbal and Non-Verbal Rapport, Releasing Trauma/Stress.  

The "Standardization of Processes" is a valuable asset that sets PSYCH-K® apart from many other modalities. These processes have been delivering reliable results since 1988 around the planet, in large part due to the integrity of these standards. 

While it is not possible to guarantee a specific result, which depends largely on the individual and his or her condition, PSYCH-K® has over a 30 year history of helping people achieve a satisfying and joyful life, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


If you are ready to move forward in your life by co-creating a new state of wellbeing, I'll be happy to work with you. 

PSYCH-K® Preferred Facilitators: 

Here you will find Agnes and other facilitators listed. [If Agnes' rates are not in your ballpark, you can find other facilitators who have lower rates through this link.


Note that Agnes in conjunction with The Empowered Heart, does offer free transformation sessions to the Angels 14 community of veterans and allies upon request.]


It's time to upgrade the human operating system!

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Core Beliefs Balance

The core beliefs session is to remove any self-sabotage and align oneself with 13 pairs of statements to create a solid foundation to create the life one wants. This process is an efficient way to discover and change 'core beliefs' that may be blocking you from achieving your desired goals in life. These beliefs represent such basic, vital issues as self-love, forgiveness, connection to Divine Intelligence and more. The subconscious mind is like a supercomputer and its belief systems may be different than the conscious mind's beliefs. This session will surface the underlying beliefs and transform them if they are not in alignment with one's highest good.

Health & Wellbeing Balance

This balance is an efficient way to discover and change subconscious beliefs that may be blocking you from achieving optimal health in the body, mind, and spirit. It includes 22 pairs of beliefs statements that represent qualities and attributes research shows may be associated with optimal health, including immune system functioning. 

Relationship Balance

This process is designed to deepen the understanding between two individuals (parent/child, friendship/partnership or any other relationship, including with one-self, and with one's business) by identifying and transforming the issues that challenge each other and gain better access to receiving the growth opportunities and gifts within the relationship. This can also assist transitioning into new relationships to ensure there are two functional people ready for new connections and experiences rather than two walking wounded destined to repeat the patterns of their past. 

Life Bonding Balance

The trauma of birth and the fear of death are two powerful aspects of human existence. This balance is designed to transform any limiting impact of these influences in our life. During this Balance, traumas experienced prior to our ability to communicate verbally can easily be transformed without language or words to express them. In one such step, we have an opportunity to transform and release any and all distressful thought or feelings related to our conception, gestation and birth experience. "Imagine" what those three phases of life may have been like for us, for our mother. Perceiving life through her filters, emotions and surroundings during that time. This is the phase we begin installing our "operating system" in preparation for the environment we will be arriving in soon. In addition, the fear of getting old is expressed in our societies obsession with youth. If we are afraid of dying we cannot fully live in the present; as Dr. Bruce Lipton's research has explained, we cannot be simultaneously in love/growth vs. fear/protection.

Alternative Life Balance

The mind uses the same brain mechanisms in experiencing physical life and in imagination. The mind is capable of responding physically and emotionally to dreams, visualizations, and imagination, as well as external perception. 

This means the body's chemistry can be affected by the mind. 

The goal of this Balance is to imagine a 'life' free of physical or emotional conditions, in such a way that the subconscious mind will signal the body to produce a chemical environment that reflects optimal health and wellbeing. 

More info about PSYCH-K®

As a PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Agnes is a member of the Isumataq tribe - a 'Keeper of the sacred space in which wisdom is revealed'. From her experiences and leadership skills developed in the corporate world, to her successes in applying several natural well-being modalities, Agnes is resourceful in helping her clients identify the best path forward to achieve their desired outcomes. 

If you are ready to move forward in your life by co-creating a new state of wellbeing, I'll be happy to work with you. 

To learn more about PSYCH-K visit:

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